Hi I'm Spoon, I’m a 19 year old autistic internet person.

I really don’t know how to code very much at all, currently in the midst of trying to learn html/css. But forgive me for the jankyness of my site.

I love the vastness of the ocean and space and the sky and all of the animals and organisms on Earth and all of the knowledge in the universe and all of the experiences of existence. I love how humans are both individuals and entire communities and ecosystems all at once. I love aromanticism. I love asexuality. I love agenderism. I love transgenderism. I love the complexities of love and relationships across individuals, society, species, and our reality as a whole. I hate anthropocentrism. I love fear. I love being a hater. I love kitty cats. I love the weird.

Gender and Sexuality

I am Agender. I use any pronouns. I’m not really attached to any pronouns/gender in particular and in my head think of myself as having no pronouns, but I really don’t care what other people call me. My gender is basically just “I’m Me.” I’m Asexual and Aromantic too. I don’t really care much in regards to the Asexual aspect in how I go through the world though. My Aromanticism much more dearly affects who I am and consider that the most important aspect of myself over my gender/asexuality lol. You can find my writings/thoughts related to my gender and/or sexuality here.


My biggest hobby throughout my life has been drawing, mainly digital art. Though the past few months I really haven’t been doing it at all, I’ve slowly been getting back into it(yay). Besides that, all I really do is play stardew valley and watch jerma985 streams. I've also done embroidery, and used to make (and sell) jewelry, but I really only care for drawing these days.

My Current Big Interests

The Magnus Archives is my biggest/main interest and has been for the past 3(ish?) years. I don’t really interact with fandom at all (I used to in the first months I liked it lol, but not for a WHILE). The “fandom” of media I like tends to just aggravate me needlessly in many ways lol. But then I simultaneously also yearn to make friends with/collaborate with others/etc. And make Zines/roleplay/etc etc. with people that like the same things I do ..but I tend to be too shy/envypilled to make this my reality. I’ve found that I really prefer to just live in my own mind palace of drawing/imagining whatever I want related to TMA for the most part, but am also super open to anyone wishing to talk to me about it as well!!

My favorite characters are:

(In a vague order of most to least important)

  • Gerard Keay
  • Mike Crew
  • Michael The Distortion
  • Jonathan Sims
  • Elias Bouchard
  • Peter Lukas
  • Simon Fairchild

I’m a Jonmartin hater, really disagree with a lot of the “found family” teehee coworker friend group thing with the original four archives crew, can’t stand the way most people discuss/think about Elias Bouchard (you can hate him but do so accurately. I die a little inside every time I look through the Elias Bouchard tag on tumblr and find people leaving visible hate about him (rude etiquette) and talking about how he’s a gay homophobe capitalist etc. etc. etc. like….sighhhhhhh), and all around basically loathe fanon depictions/jokes surrounding TMA characters.

I wouldn’t consider myself a part of shipping culture (through this inherently being tied to “fandom” i guess lol) and as someone who’s aromantic I tend to view these pairings through that lens (all my faves are aromantic)(straight up “normal romantic relationships” are the least interesting form of relationship), but here are ships/character dynamics I enjoy:

  • Jonathan Sims x Elias Bouchard (actually narratively the most perfect)
  • Jonathan Sims x Michael Distortion (MLP Twilight and Discord ass dynamic)
  • Jonathan Sims x Mike Crew (The ways I interpret this ship varies a lot)
  • Jonathan Sims x Gerry Keay (most of my art is this aha)
  • Jonathan Sims x Peter Lukas (if you read a glass essay you would understand)
  • Jonah Magnus x Jonathan Fanshawe (to a lesser extent I like most other Jonah x Regency Harem ships but I especially find these two's dynamic compelling to me)

Ok…I love putting Jon in different situations you see. I have complex thoughts about all these ships though.

  • DoorKeay (or GerryMichael, whatever. I’m referring to Gerry x Michael The Distortion Specifically, I’m not too interested in Gerry x Michael Shelley’s dynamics) (token “they never met in canon” ship)
  • I also self ship with a lot of characters on this list lmao. My wives Gerry, Mike, Jon, and Michael ok....

My favorite Entities vary as I tend to go through different phases where I have different ones I focus on, but I tend to really enjoy The Vast the most!!! I love Vast art, OCs, stories, characters, etc. literally anything I love it so so much and think about it a lot. I also enjoy The End, The Lonely, The Eye, and The Spiral (aghh this feels so normie cliche because these are basically all the most popular entities. But well it's true they are my favorite. I’m allowed to be a basic fan.)

I feel like I spent more time being a hater here describing what I like about TMA vs what I didn’t haha. But it’s because I plan to go more in depth on like fanfic reviews etc. about my favorite ships and discussing why I really like them elsewhere on my site, while my more negative opinions will likely only be mentioned here briefly and nowhere else.

Other things I have made/written/etc. About The Magnus Archives can be found through this link(HAVENT MADE IT YET BUT LMAO). If you’d like to talk to me/hear me talk about anything TMA related feel free to reach out.

Talk to me!


Tumblr: Mildcicada

Discord: MildCicada