• Fanart
  • Original Characters
  • Real Life People
  • Nudity


(these are due to inexperience with drawing these things)

  • Furries
  • Complex Mecha
  • NSFW
  • Anything I'm not comfortable with



  • Sketch - 5$
  • Lineart - 12$
  • Colored in Black and White - 17$
  • Fully Colored - 25$

Waist Up:

  • Sketch - 10$
  • Lineart - 17$
  • Colored in Black and White - 22$
  • Fully Colored - 35$

Full Body

  • Sketch - 17$
  • Lineart - 22$
  • Colored in Black and White - 30$
  • Fully Colored - 45$

10$ extra for a background, or for every extra character.

Fully colored pieces comparatively more expensive than everything else because I'm not a fan of coloring stuff LMAO.


  • I can accept payment through Paypal, Kofi, Cashapp, or Venmo.
  • Pieces may take between 1-4 weeks to finish, depending on complexity and my schedule with other pieces.
  • No refunds, unless something were to happen making me unable to finish your piece.
  • Do not use my art for profit, NFTs, AI, or claim as your own.


Sketch Bust
Lineart Bust
Black and White Bust
Fully Colored Bust
Sketch Waist Up
Lineart Waist Up
Black and White Waist Up
Fully Colored Waist Up
Sketch Full Body
Lineart Full Body
Black and White Full Body
Fully Colored Full Body

Contact Me!

Tumblr: Mildcicada

Discord: MildCicada

I can also make pieces outside of my "usual" digital art with lineart style. This could mean them being traditionally drawn/painted, or made in a style without lineart. if you have a specific style you have seen me do and would like to use for your commission, feel free to reach out about that. Here are some examples: